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Got Some News...

2008-05-19 09:38:11 by MeltingFishStudios

As the heading says, I have some news for you - IF you are reading this...

First off, some bad news: Development on the latest installment of the 777 Series has been definitely put on hold. I got some other things to do at the moment - but do not fret: I will continue when I have some time later on.

In other news, a while ago, I started a deviantArt account, just for trying it out. There's not much stuff there right now, aside from a few pics, but feel free to visit. The url is pretty much the same as my NG user page, except the 'newgrounds' is replaced with 'deviantart' and whatnot:

My deviantArt page here!

For your convenience, below is one such image (slightly reduced in quality... you'll have to go to the link above for the original image!)

See you in some other time!

~Melting Fish Studios

Got Some News...


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2008-06-16 19:21:19

Shouldn't she have stiches or something? Like to close that hole or something?

MeltingFishStudios responds:

Given the character's history of mutilation throughout this series, I wouldn't be worried... I think that this one can regenerate or something like that.