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Entry #9

I mus explain myself...

2008-07-08 04:35:32 by MeltingFishStudios

Okay anyone, here's why I haven't been working on anything for a while:

Since March, I have been attending a college specializing in creative media: JMC Academy. I am currently attending the Digital Animation course. I'm currently on my semester break, so that's why I only posted updates just recently.

The course demands a lot of work, and for most of the week, I'm away from my PC.

And after the break, I'm afraid I might not be able to update for a while, but I'll do what I can in the future.

So...yeah. I just put up one of my assessment works - a short animation!
Those familiar with the 777 Series may recognize the main character!

Well, I'll see you later!

~Melting Fish Studios


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2008-07-10 20:22:10

Oh my god I cannot wait... wait I have to wait cause your collage isn't gonna wait for you (man thats a lot of waiting)


2009-02-11 12:11:05

hey make another one from avenue q like the internet u made before