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Open Casting, Possible Remakes, and my User Image

2008-01-09 21:08:22 by MeltingFishStudios

Hello everyone! and welcome to my first news post!

First on the agenda: I was thinking on having an audition for voice-over actors for future installments of the 777 Series, so if you're interested, PM me and let's discuss your work!

Next, I was also considering remaking the first five parts of the 777 Series, to improve the appearance as well as fix some plot holes. Now, this would be a good thing, as to make the series consistent, however, it would also be bad as it would not show how my animation abilities (if any...) developed. Your thoughts on the matter?

Finally, I would like to comment on the User Image on my User Page. The thing about that picture is, I saw that in a dream once... I have yet to see it again.

A product of my apparently sick imagination? Or result of some sort of obsession - the kind where you would try to purge it by 'killing' it...

Anyway, since my User Image is likely to change in the future, I might as well put it here...

EDIT: Just a quick question, did any of you notice that the 'end' screen of 777 - Part 7 (appearing just after she flies outside the base) was actually a fake 'end' screen? That you had to wait eight seconds before the actual ending shows up? I'm just concerned that the fake 'end' screen might have confused some viewers. But I am sure that you are all aware of that, right?

See you in some other time!
~Melting Fish Studios

Open Casting, Possible Remakes, and my User Image


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2008-01-15 06:26:26

Oh! Woops, I closed it as soon as I saw (or 'thought' I saw) the end. =/

MeltingFishStudios responds:

That's OK - This was bound to happen sooner or later... Maybe I should let other users know in that particular submission page about the fake end screen.

Thanks for your comment!


2008-01-20 03:28:22

The whole voice over thing is an iffy issue. Particulary, it's hard to find good ones out there, but I'm sure you'd be an excellent judge for that since it's your work. As for re-making your movies, I believe it would be more convienent to the fans that you continue on the sequels and show how you're growing as an animator through these new movies. Once the series is complete, you could focus on remaking your old work. It's something that the fans would definitely look forward to after the series has ended; to go back and enjoy the series all over again, but better. The ending of part 7 was ingenius. I loved the fake freaked me out at first...I'm glad you added that interactive experience. The image is pretty interesting...I wouldn't exactly picture it in a future movie (but that's your idea), but I think something similar would occur considering what happened at the end of part 7.

Finally, I want to close on saying that you truly are a unique animator. Beyond just creating the movies, the story you've created is magnificently interesting. Every time I've reached an ending of a part, I wonder "When is the next one coming?!!" The one thing that made me actually attached to this movie was your decision on the main protagonist. It's very obscure which I find to be refreshing. I wish you luck on your future work.