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Hey, a header image! Also, more on Open Casting!

2008-01-24 19:06:16 by MeltingFishStudios

Just put up my new header image recently! Who is that character on the far right? You'll see later...

I would also like to present some more info about the VA auditions for the 777 Series I mentioned in my last post. If you want to audition, PM me! Some experience is recommended, although newcomers are welcome. You will also have to submit a demo.

What should be in your demo? Well, look back to the previous installments of the series, and show me how you would perform some of the voice work, whether it be dialogue, fighting noises or voice alterations.

Please send your demos in mp3 or wav - my computer, for some reason, does not support Quicktime...

If you are successful, we can discuss your VA role/s in the future!

So, what are you waiting for? Get those vocal chords fired up and Good Luck!


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2008-01-25 10:15:32

I still didn't get any feedback yet.

MeltingFishStudios responds:

Agh! I'm sorry about that, I'll PM you very soon.