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Disturbing trend...

2008-01-25 05:48:10 by MeltingFishStudios

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Melting Fish Studios post!

I didn't have much to do today, so I decided to have a look at every single User Page of all of the users that have me as a favorite artist, a.k.a, fans (I'm sure that highly esteemed Flash Artists have hundreds, maybe thousands of fans...but that's beside my point).

After maybe an hour or two, I noticed something... that slightly disturbed me.

Out of all of my 'fans', about a fraction of them have at least one Hentai (the word generally means 'pervert', but is now loosely used as a term for pornographic animation) as a favorite movie/game. No offense to my fans! I'm just pointing out an odd trend. Not that there's anything wrong with that particular subject (or maybe a lot...)

As a result, I will try my best not to succumb to my visceral instinct of creating extremely suggestive content...

Wait...Part 7 of 777...credits...

Oh crap!!!!

I just contradicted myself... Forget all that stuff I said..

See ya!
~Melting Fish Studios

Disturbing trend...


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2008-01-25 07:12:30

i guess?


2008-01-25 07:29:12

I hate fish that has been defrosted and refroze
it makes me (litterally) sick
also I hate fish that has been partially cooked
one more thing STUFF SUSHI!

MeltingFishStudios responds:

How about fried fish?


2008-01-30 19:08:52

Nice lesbean pic. I love sea food.