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I mus explain myself...

2008-07-08 04:35:32 by MeltingFishStudios

Okay anyone, here's why I haven't been working on anything for a while:

Since March, I have been attending a college specializing in creative media: JMC Academy. I am currently attending the Digital Animation course. I'm currently on my semester break, so that's why I only posted updates just recently.

The course demands a lot of work, and for most of the week, I'm away from my PC.

And after the break, I'm afraid I might not be able to update for a while, but I'll do what I can in the future.

So...yeah. I just put up one of my assessment works - a short animation!
Those familiar with the 777 Series may recognize the main character!

Well, I'll see you later!

~Melting Fish Studios


2008-07-01 02:42:51 by MeltingFishStudios

Good news, anyone! I can finally continue on completing Part 8 (and frankly, I haven't made too much progress...). I'll have to make a few changes, such as redoing some character models and so on.

Edit: I slightly altered the header image just now.

Well, that's all I have to say for now.

~Melting Fish Studios

Got Some News...

2008-05-19 09:38:11 by MeltingFishStudios

As the heading says, I have some news for you - IF you are reading this...

First off, some bad news: Development on the latest installment of the 777 Series has been definitely put on hold. I got some other things to do at the moment - but do not fret: I will continue when I have some time later on.

In other news, a while ago, I started a deviantArt account, just for trying it out. There's not much stuff there right now, aside from a few pics, but feel free to visit. The url is pretty much the same as my NG user page, except the 'newgrounds' is replaced with 'deviantart' and whatnot:

My deviantArt page here!

For your convenience, below is one such image (slightly reduced in quality... you'll have to go to the link above for the original image!)

See you in some other time!

~Melting Fish Studios

Got Some News...

777 Series - Useless Trivia

2008-02-13 04:41:43 by MeltingFishStudios

Hello everyone! And welcome to the library of stuff you may-or-may-not know about this Series - the Useless Trivia. This is all here to keep you busy whilst the next episode is being made. Be warned, newcomers! This trivia contains spoilers, so if you didn't watch the 777 Series from the start to the latest episode, do not read this article!

This article may be regularly updated as new episodes are released.

The Drawing Board
Here are some original concepts and stuff that happened during the making of the series.

-The original concept for this series was very different than what you see now. It was a more lighthearted and silly affair. Called 'Agent 777', the protagonist's face, and thus, her true identity is always shown, yet nobody seems to know who she is. The visual gag carried onto early concepts of the character, 666.
-Yoxter was originally the main villain.
-777 started as a comic draft.
-The main villain, Emperor, used to be named 'Boss'.
-Before Part 6 was revised, it began as a simple challenge by Yoxter, pitting 777 against 'Giga Bowser' (A more powerful version of the Super Mario character, 'Bowser', which first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee).
-Emperor's environments and major technologies are signified by blue colours, whereas 777's own is signified by red colours.
-Yoxter was supposed to appear earlier in Part 6, as 777 escapes the train. 666 took his place - a mere excuse to dispense extra gore.
-Emperor initially had no face. His mask was added later on.
-There are a number of certain 'rules' in this series. For instance, 777's title screen pose is different for every installment.
-Another 'rule' is whenever Yoxter and a computer is around, you could actually read what is on the screen! Look in Parts 5 and 7. When a computer screen appears, pause the movie and zoom in!
-Princess Daisy was visually designed to be a mix of all of her incarnations. You can see the red crown from her first appearance in 'Super Mario Land', her red hair and tanned skin from her next appearance in 'Mario Tennis', and the shortened hair from her next one in later installments of the 'Mario Party' Series.
-777 was originally going to travel by herself in Part 3, but the use of the Yoshi mount was more practical (or she could have flown there by herself, but that would reduce the dramatic effect).
-A majority of the main characters were created using the 777 character model, which was the first thing to be made in the making of the Series. Look at the character models of 777 and 666 - don't they look similar?
-The 777 Series was never meant to be a series in the first place. It merely began as a two part feature, then three, then five, and next thing I knew, it became a series...

Character Oddities
Get to know your characters! Most aren't exactly relevant to the story of this series, but more like 'Did You Know?' things about the characters...

-The minions (and Emperor) are a race of unusual beings called 'Gagos'. The singular word translates into 'stupid', hence the minions aren't very smart. ('Gago' is an actual word, mind you! Guess which language it is and you'll get a free cookie! The internet kind that is...)
-The creation of the Gagos came from a very crude attempt at drawing the Hudson character, 'Bomberman'.
-666 is the only character with red eyes.
-Emperor's mask can shoot lasers (Pew! Pew!). His mask was made after he was brutally injured by one of his first creations.
-777's primary colours (before her upgrade in Part 7) are red and white, the same as Princess Peach's first ever sprite.
-For some reason, 777's dual swords seem to act like wings, even though she can fly well enough on her own.
-Peach Toadstool, is the 9th generation of 777. For some reason, the 777 title is only passed down through the female members of each successive family generation.
-Yoxter is around 250 years old. Created, not born, he was the successful result of an experiment claiming to have found the solution to human aging. Because his creator died, Yoxter has yet to discover the secret to his everlasting life. Living this long has made Yoxter senile, and he is also a bit of a pervert.
-'Shadow Peach' (appearing in Part 7), is actually a character that appeared in the Gamecube RPG - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, as a form of the final boss: The Shadow Queen, a malevolent demon who used Peach as a vessel in order to exist again.
-As a result of 666's apparent inability to die, she interprets extreme pain and death (mainly directed towards her) as sexual pleasure. In other words, she really, really likes it when you 'kill' her, or 'killing' herself. For instance, she occasionally masturbates using her knife (!). Yet, despite her extreme preferences, she dislikes snuff porn.
-Emperor has lately become obsessed with eliminating 777 - perhaps too much, as evidenced in Parts 4 and 5 when Emperor was meant to simply bring her into Yoxter's lab - he killed her instead. Luckily, Yoxter had revived her.
-When she disguises as 777, Peach changes her voice. How? See that grey collar? That is a neat little device called the Voice Alteration Collar. It sends minute signals to her brain and vocal chords, which changes their shape and disposition, and thus, her voice. The device is customizable - so for example, she can make herself sound like a guy!
-Daisy used to envy (and sexually urge for... you heard me!) Peach. But she decided to forget her petty jealousy and concentrate on advancing her home of Sarasaland, although she is currently in the process of repairing said home...
-The massive eyebrows of the Gagos are actually a sign of their rank. Generally, the low ranking minions have smaller eyebrows, whereas Emperor himself has the biggest ones. The idea came from a real world concept - remember those weird white wigs that stereotypical court judges and rich Englishmen wear? The size of that white wig is actually a sign of their wealth. For instance, if you are wearing a very large one, then you are very wealthy.
-Due to mandatory parts of the re-creation process, Shadow Peach (technically speaking) is Yoxter's and Peach's biological daughter. Shadow Peach often mocks that premise, playfully referring to Yoxter and the real Peach as her 'parents'. Want some proof? Look at the computer screen in Part 7!
-The Gago minions aren't very bright. As evidenced in Part 1, when they simply run towards 777 in order to stop her. But, as you know, she was flying...really fast... Also, one minion counted to potato.
-The reproductive capabilities of the Gagos are a mystery. Some rumors say that they have to be created in special mystical pots, others say that they asexually reproduce, i.e. making copies of themselves.
-Emperor created 666 because he was frustrated with the lack of personal protection from his incompetent minions. However, not all of them are epic failures. Those who rise through the ranks and succeed become Gago Commandos - Emperor's select elite.
-Yoxter wasn't always a bad guy; in fact, he was very sincere - and unstable. As a result, he has spawned numerous illegitimate children (all daughters!) to various women he has met throughout his long life. His last conquest? Princess Peach's mother and previous 777, Pearl Toadstool. He went mad when Pearl died (at the hands of Emperor, but Yoxter doesn't know that...yet).
-Shadow Peach (in secret) is actually very kinky.
-It was not Daisy's choice to become 666. She came to be by mere coincidence, when Emperor was hastily looking for a bodyguard as he was just traveling over Sarasaland (where Daisy lives). When he discovered Daisy's friendship with Peach, Emperor devised a plan... a brilliant plan... a brilliant and evil plan.
-Emperor once expressed an interest in the theatrical arts, his favorite Shakespearean play is Macbeth (oops, that's apparently bad luck to say it!)
-As silly as I feel about saying this... 777 is commonly known as the Number of Heaven. 666, conversely, is the Number of Hell (or, in a particular song, the Number of the Beast - hmm... maybe I'll make a reference to that some day.).

I Am Censor
A number of scenes were either cut out, edited, or never made it from concepts because I thought they were not entirely suitable or that I felt didn't fit into the story, or simply took more time than I thought. Here are the scenes that were changed or didn't make it in...

-Part 7 was originally going to begin with a shower scene - it was meant to show the extent of the protagonist's scars throughout her life as 777. This sequence was supposed to appear before her conversation with Daisy.
-When 666 splits herself with a sword in Part 6, some of her internal organs were supposed to spill out. I couldn't decide what organs to spill out (her intestines, maybe?), but it turned to be too messy in practice.
-In Part 7, Shadow Peach was supposed to be nude when she was revealed. I lamented the change because it was more logical since her re-birth was just completed.
-In Part 5, 666 was originally going to rip off the bandages covering Peach's breasts (note that 777 is not in her disguise in Part 5), fondle them for a short time, and then suddenly stab her shoulder with a knife. This was removed because it was mostly impractical and dragged on the episode.
-Another original concept for the opening of Part 7 was a dream sequence. We see Peach from above, sleeping in bed. The angle changes to her first-person view. She closes her eyes a few times, and as she slowly opens them, she suddenly sees 666 seductively lying next to her in bed. Peach grabs a sword (that she apparently had the whole time) and pierces 666's torso - in her lower regions.... We can now see that Peach is now in her 777 guise. Then in an odd and sudden moment, both 777 and 666 slowly close in to kiss each other. A quick flash shows both characters (still kissing) as their true identities, Peach as 777 and Daisy as 666. The dream suddenly ends. This sequence was also supposed to appear before the conversation scene with Daisy. Both Part 7 concept scenes were removed because I could not find a smooth transition in between them.
-I couldn't find a place to fit a scene of herself by continually plunging her knife specific places on her body.

More References Than Meets The Eye
There may be a lot more references to other stuff than you think (hence the lame title!). Here are all of the references I placed so far in the Series.

-The first boss battle against the flying mech (named 'Hornet'), mimics a few methods of attacking major bosses in the Nintendo 64 game, "Mischief Makers", in particular, the bosses Migen Jr. and Phoenix Gamma. The methods used are grabbing the boss's fist when it attacks, and tossing it towards its face, and grabbing and pulling the boss's head until it snaps back, respectively.
-The second boss battle (against the giant creature, currently un-named) in Part 1 exactly replicates the method in which you can defeat the first Colossus in the Playstation 2 game, "Shadow of The Colossus". Try it!
-The final few seconds in Part 2 was a reference to a system used in "Mortal Kombat: Armageddon", called 'Kreate-A-Fatality', which involves inputting button codes to perform a sequence of short moves, such as ripping out your opponent's heart or brain, hitting them with their decapitated arm, and much more to create your own finishing move, or 'fatality'. Heck, even the same music from that game was used for that sequence! I think this one was a 9 or 10 hit fatality...
-References to Sonic the Hedgehog games include the spin jump and rail grinding, as seen in Part 1.
-There are a number of references and obvious appearances from the Super Mario games - all placed there to give early viewers a clue as to who 777 really is. The first one is the appearance of the black Yoshi (that dinosaur-like creature that 777 mounts) in Part 3. The next were appearances by the Question Mark Block, Peach's Castle, and even Toad (not a generic one referring to the little people with mushroom caps, the one and only 'Toad' appearing in Part 6). Another was the use of classic sound effects, like the 'power-up', 'bump', 'jump', and '1-up' sound effects in Parts 6 and 7. Ironically, despite all of these references. Mario himself has yet to appear... and he never will. This was an intended move, as to focus on the main character, and to prevent this series from becoming just another Super Mario flash knockoff.
-Toad's 'thanks' line after 777 rescues him in Part 6 is a conspicuous reference to 'Resident Evil', a game known for its scary elements - and cheesy dialogue, specifically this memorable line delivered by Chris: 'You were almost a Jill sandwich".
-The fake end screen in Part 7 is a reference to the opening scene of the Nintendo Wii game, 'Metroid Prime 3', right down to the appearance of the dark incarnation of the protagonist! (Samus/Dark Samus = Peach/Shadow Peach). Both dark characters are also rebirths of enemies thought to be destroyed (Dark Samus is Metroid Prime appearing in the 'Metroid Prime' series, and Shadow Peach is the Shadow Queen, appearing in the Gamecube RPG, 'Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door').
-The most unusual to appear in this series, and the only set of non-video-game references so far is from the blockbuster sci-fi action flick, 'Transformers', directed by Michael Bay, based on the toy line and comics of the same name. A couple of them refer to one of the enemies (called Decepticons), 'Blackout', which includes his chest cannon, and the way he flips and transforms in the final scenes of the film (see Part 6). One more reference is found in Part 7 - 777's new mask is similar to Optimus Prime's (leader of the Autobots - the good guys) own.

I might update this in some time, but I hoped you enjoyed reading this!

~Melting Fish Studios

What have I done?!!

Longtime viewers of my stuff may remember this short lived mascot; the Melting Fish. He was scrapped last year for a more streamlined logo... I looked back to the old one and realized how silly it looked, so I remade it. When I look at this new one though, now I think it looks a lot worse!

At least he's smiling...

Say hello to the most screwed-up corporate logo you'll ever see...

To date, that would be my most procrastinated news subject...

Anyway, I would like to divulge some information regarding the VA roles in the 777 Series. If you want to provide your voice to one (or more) of these roles, PM me!

Please note that is list may change through time, although I'm quite sure that this may be the final list.

Returning Characters:
-Princess Daisy
-Shadow Peach

New Characters (Pictured below - from left to right, top to bottom)
-Foreman Spike
-C.O Brash 'Fat One' Yoshi
-Yoshi Soldier/s

Well, I'm starting to get irritated with making these VA audition news posts - so I'll be sure that this will be the last!

~Melting Fish Studios

Sort-of-perhaps-maybe-probably-most-likely-almost-certainly-with-some-probability final VA roles!

Disturbing trend...

2008-01-25 05:48:10 by MeltingFishStudios

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Melting Fish Studios post!

I didn't have much to do today, so I decided to have a look at every single User Page of all of the users that have me as a favorite artist, a.k.a, fans (I'm sure that highly esteemed Flash Artists have hundreds, maybe thousands of fans...but that's beside my point).

After maybe an hour or two, I noticed something... that slightly disturbed me.

Out of all of my 'fans', about a fraction of them have at least one Hentai (the word generally means 'pervert', but is now loosely used as a term for pornographic animation) as a favorite movie/game. No offense to my fans! I'm just pointing out an odd trend. Not that there's anything wrong with that particular subject (or maybe a lot...)

As a result, I will try my best not to succumb to my visceral instinct of creating extremely suggestive content...

Wait...Part 7 of 777...credits...

Oh crap!!!!

I just contradicted myself... Forget all that stuff I said..

See ya!
~Melting Fish Studios

Disturbing trend...

Just put up my new header image recently! Who is that character on the far right? You'll see later...

I would also like to present some more info about the VA auditions for the 777 Series I mentioned in my last post. If you want to audition, PM me! Some experience is recommended, although newcomers are welcome. You will also have to submit a demo.

What should be in your demo? Well, look back to the previous installments of the series, and show me how you would perform some of the voice work, whether it be dialogue, fighting noises or voice alterations.

Please send your demos in mp3 or wav - my computer, for some reason, does not support Quicktime...

If you are successful, we can discuss your VA role/s in the future!

So, what are you waiting for? Get those vocal chords fired up and Good Luck!

Open Casting, Possible Remakes, and my User Image

2008-01-09 21:08:22 by MeltingFishStudios

Hello everyone! and welcome to my first news post!

First on the agenda: I was thinking on having an audition for voice-over actors for future installments of the 777 Series, so if you're interested, PM me and let's discuss your work!

Next, I was also considering remaking the first five parts of the 777 Series, to improve the appearance as well as fix some plot holes. Now, this would be a good thing, as to make the series consistent, however, it would also be bad as it would not show how my animation abilities (if any...) developed. Your thoughts on the matter?

Finally, I would like to comment on the User Image on my User Page. The thing about that picture is, I saw that in a dream once... I have yet to see it again.

A product of my apparently sick imagination? Or result of some sort of obsession - the kind where you would try to purge it by 'killing' it...

Anyway, since my User Image is likely to change in the future, I might as well put it here...

EDIT: Just a quick question, did any of you notice that the 'end' screen of 777 - Part 7 (appearing just after she flies outside the base) was actually a fake 'end' screen? That you had to wait eight seconds before the actual ending shows up? I'm just concerned that the fake 'end' screen might have confused some viewers. But I am sure that you are all aware of that, right?

See you in some other time!
~Melting Fish Studios

Open Casting, Possible Remakes, and my User Image